A Conversation with Caroline Karp

How long have you been an artist and how did you become an expert at expressionistic painting?

"I was classically trained as an oil painter as a child. I painted representational subject matter and learned all the techniques of color mixing and planning out a canvas from a well known wildlife painter. I always had a keen focus on nature.

Later, during my undergraduate years in my studio art classes, I focused more on how emotions and circumstances around me affected my work. I began to think about the world globally. I began to study the environment – specifically environmental phenomenon having to do with water and tumultuous weather. This series of work was not representational and was abstract expressionism with much emotion and movement. My painting became so much about the process of making it and the exploration of ideas.

Now I still focus on the process and my work combines all the passions of my roots as an artist. My work tends toward the representational – but it is loaded with my emotion and expression. It is what makes my work different and very identifiable."

What inspires your artwork and what you do?

"Spirituality and a true love of nature.

I am passionate about sharing my talent of painting beauty and creating happiness and joy with all that see and own my work.

My business is to create serenity in living and work spaces. In a world that is noisy and hectic, it is so important to have a place to retreat and rejuvenate. Artwork can do that for you."

How are you different from other artists?

"I get to know my patrons personalities, travel habits, family and interests. I interview clients to find out palette preference and canvas size and painting placement. Let’s meet for coffee, tea or wine! https://www.carolinekarpartist.com/commissions/

I work in studies or series. I become inspired and then passionate about topics; study and paint about them; and then find a venue to display and see how the public interacts with my work. I like to find out what gives people joy and happiness."

How do you work ? What can I expect?

"This is how it works – 1st you can choose directly from my current collection at my studio and on my GALLERY – click and purchase and I will get your paintings ready for Blue Ribbon Delivery. You can buy one of a series or the entire series."

Do you offer any other services?

"Yes I do! You can choose to work with me either individually, as part of a group or at a retreat. In these gathering, I’ll guide you thru my creative process and you will end up with a piece of art that you created – yet my energy will be infused in it. To find out more about that I’d like you to fill out a https://www.carolinekarpartist.com/contact/ and we can jump on a complementary Getting Acquainted Call."

Do you work with businesses or collaborate with other industries?

"Yes I do! I collaborate with interior design, architecture and home staging firms."


Where do you show your work? Do you have a Curriculum Vitae (CV)?

"I sell mostly online and through Social Media. I do have my work hanging in many local businesses around Tampa Bay. Please click my Curriculum Vitae to see my extensive list of solo and group exhibitions, education, juried shows, artist talks, and businesses that have collections of my work."


"I have a lifelong love of painting, travel, nature and reflection. My wellspring of passion helps me to create both beautiful artwork and experiences. Just as the poet defines beauty in his writing, I capture it in my artwork.

Much of my work begins outside (Plein Aire) typically while traveling to beautiful vistas. I then add finishing touches in my studio. There is an imaginative and magical element to my work. It has been called hauntingly beautiful. I enjoy studying ideas and learning about different topics through creating series paintings.

I believe that when I paint and I paint with others, there is healing and transformation that happens. This transformation is one toward empowerment."