artist painting blue water with a lady in the boat.

Being a performance artist at heart has led me to travel and paint establishing studios in DC, Kauai and my home base of Tampa Bay. My artwork takes on the flavor of the area reaching collectors that are in tune with the energy of expression being put out.

As an observer of the land, the sea, the weather and the buildings, I embody the essence of the experience into my art.

When in front of an audience whether I’m painting, hosting a podcast or retreat I create a sacred space. People are invited to share their hearts and souls, be authentic, feel connected and allow creativity to flow. As a Plein Air painter, I capture places and moments using an expressionistic perspective. I pull away from the “realness” intuitively focusing on suggestions of objects and how they interact with nature, light and even sound… noticing how light hits something at different parts of the day. .

In some ways, my life has been about four things.  Art, spirituality, nature and the well-being of humankind. For me, making a painting is like falling in love. My work tends to be bold, and a lot of passion and emotion comes along with the process. It is the journey into the uncertainty, and it is an awakening of the heart.

I'm honored that my paintings have been commissioned by people all around the world and hang on walls including celebrities such as super model Kate Upton and MLB player Justin Verlander.

I host a weekly podcast called, Behind the Art Inspiration. It’s a conversational-style podcast where I show a sneak peek into the studio practices of all types of international artists.

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For as long as I can remember I have loved painting, travel, nature and reflection. My wellspring of passion helps me to create beautiful artwork and art experiences. Just as the poet captures beauty in his writing, I capture it in my artwork.

Much of my work begins while traveling to beautiful vistas. I then add finishing touches in my studio. There is an imaginative and magical element to my work. It has been called hauntingly beautiful. I enjoy studying ideas and learning about different topics through creating series paintings.

I believe that when I paint and when I paint with others, there is healing and transformation that happens. This transformation is one toward empowerment.