Costa Rica Creatives Retreat

If you are Someone Who is Interested in Learning How to Be Creative; That Wants To Work With a Well Known Artist and Yogini While Staying in Luxury…
WORD OF iNTENTION MIXED MEDIA painting called Delight
Can you picture yourself feeling so DELIGHTED to be on a RETREAT?
Beautiful Beach Club that we will be visiting.
Join Us for 5 Days in July in Beautiful Costa Rica to Discover How to Stretch Your Mind, Relax Your Body, Paint Your Soul!
Caroline Karp Artist painting red daisies
Feel free to be out in nature painting red daisies.

Hello Creatives or Those Who Want To Be,

Melt away stress with this 6-day 5-night journey of your senses in luxurious accommodations.

Nurture yourself on every level with deliciously prepared Costa Rican meals, relaxing yoga,  meditation, painting sessions, and gatherings full of meaningful conversations and deep connections.

Relieve physical tension with mindful movement and connect with your deepest desires through meditation, then create your Word of Intention paintings from that place.

Walking around the villa

Do you love nurturing & taking care of yourself?  Are you someone who would appreciate a mindful menu of food to eat on your stay?

Who doesn’t?  On this retreat, you’ll have plenty of time to relax, take in the beauty of Costa Rica, take a nap, read a book, meditate, swim in the pool, or have a massage.

Are you someone who would appreciate a mindful menu of food to eat on your stay?  

Our cooks lovingly prepare each meal using family recipes that were prepared for generations. Our hosts shop for the freshest ingredients from local farms and markets. Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula is in one of the Blue Zones, where people live longer, happier lives, and we’re going to experience some of the delicious foods that contribute to their longevity.  

Do you crave the simple pleasures in life?  Do you like a beautiful room with a gorgeous view during your stay?

Life is slower in Costa Rica then in the north, what better way to start your day then sitting poolside with your morning coffee listening to the sounds of nature, or being greeted by our resident family of iguanas…just begging to be fed bananas?

Do you want to learn something new…and make lifelong travel buddies? Would you like to be part of our tribe?

Creative expression in a nurturing community creates an extraordinary group bond.   Everyone is relaxed and enjoying peaceful introspection, both individually and as a collective.  Wisdom teachings are revealed when the subconscious mind is freely expressing itself. Every experience is enhanced when it’s shared, and lifelong friendships are created.   

Would you like to be part of our tribe?

If you’ve ever dreamed of traveling to exotic destinations, or perhaps you have a bucket list of places that you’d like to visit but don’t have a travel partner to share in the experience…you will after this retreat!  Our tribe of creative travelers is excited to be connecting and adventuring together.

Come join us on an exciting adventure to Costa Rica where we’ll be enjoying laid back days of yoga, painting, journaling, meditation, swimming in the pool, experiencing Chakradance and eating delicious Costa Rican meals.

We’ll be venturing into the seaside town of Playa Tamarindo one afternoon for souvenir shopping and a sunset dinner and have an optional tour day.  

Interior designer's dream
Picture your space with 3 small mixed media paintings that you created yourself with my guidance.

You’ll return home with memories to last a lifetime, a new yoga & meditation practice, three 12×12 beautiful Word of Intention paintings that you created that will keep you connected with your intentions and the memory of your Costa Rica retreat.

Who are your retreat leaders?

Karen Quiros of Balanced Wellness Consulting, wellness consultant, travel agent, and retreat organizer/facilitator from NY & Costa Rica. Karen is a resident of Costa Rica and a travel agent if you need help booking a flight, or a hotel if you’d like to stay in Costa Rica longer.

Internationally recognized Florida Artist/Yogini and Word of Intention Art creator Caroline Karp, of Caroline Karp Artist.
Your Painting Journey
So blissed out after a painting retreat. See the paint on my face?
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Your painting journey will be about having funopening your heart & mind, and painting no matter what level you are at!  Relaxing and releasing your creativity through Chakradance®, yoga, and meditation.  Develop your own painting ritual.  Rise early like the sun with journaling, a cup of coffee, sun salutations, (yoga practice) and meditation, or sleep in.  You choose how you want to “show up” so that your mind, body, and soul are ready to approach a blank canvas.

Just starting the compositions right after our yoga and meditation practice

I will gently guide you through my multi- step mixed media process so that you can create 3 paintings that you will love to hang in your home.

Don’t worry about your experience level, I have a knack of working well with beginners and the most experienced artists and yoginis.

Connection – Is an example of the multilayered mixed media we will be creating.
What are participants are saying?

“My wonderful painting of my Word of the Year! I can’t say enough about Caroline and her professionalism. She listened to me and was often intuitively hearing me before I even spoke the words. If you would like a wonderful way to help you follow your Word of the Year, and your DREAMS, reach out to her and see what amazing things she can do for you! Thank YOU, Caroline Karp.”
—Miriam North Carolina

“So exciting!  This was just so much fun. The way you teach freedom in art is my passion. I connected with how you described how you wanted us to be free to create what we wanted.”
—Kimberly Lakeland, FL

“Everything about this experience makes me smile. Time spent with my friends in a beautiful space. A perfectly paced yoga practice and meditation followed by mindful painting with the root chakra (The Muladhara) and a rose as inspiration, all to live music by Bryan Zink. Wine. Chocolate covered strawberries.”
—Christy Celeste Brandon, FL

“You’re on fire! You just set a great space and your freedom and creativity in painting inspires everyone. I will paint every workshop! Honored too!”
—Dina of Zoe Lifestyle Yoga Tampa, Florida

“My feelings were like a roller coaster slipping backward that had derailed leaving me hanging on for life. The sounds in my mind were those of a screaming child that awakens from sleep only to hear footsteps of an unknown intruder climbing stairs toward the bedroom. Then – we moved through a short series of asana and breath. Clear instructions were offered by Caroline with permission to let go of the inner critic. We painted. A creative Spirit seeped inside of me. The sense of community began to taste like the salt of the ocean. There was a smell of wild eucalyptus as if we were traveling the Pacific Coast Highway through Big Sur, California. In the moment I found myself meditating with sounds of the sea. I’ve been told that grief comes in waves.  

Thank you for a wonderful experience. Looking forward to painting with you, Caroline.” 
 —KJ. Lakeland, FL

“Karen, There are so many character qualities that I depend on you for, but the one that stands out the most to me is “Encouragement” which for me offers support, helps build my confidence, but most importantly when we talk you give me hope. Whatever the situation that I’m going through at that moment you make me feel hopeful. You are so encouraging in so many ways to me.”
—Emmy, New York

“One thing that stands out with Karen is her determination to enable others to achieve quality of life. She’ll go out of her way, spend hours researching to help another be able to live life to the fullest. I think her heart of compassion drives her to persevere to find solutions that will better someone’s life. Her positive outlook on life encourages and motivates those who come to know her.”
—Teri, New York

“During my first appointment with Karen it became evident to me that I had finally found a true healer. Her abilities as a nutritional diagnostician are innate. She was able to pinpoint my deficiencies and direct me toward the correct course of treatment through nutrition, vitamins and emotional health. I now live stress “less” with new found energy and confidence.
Thanks to her guidance I am in the best health of my life.”
—Daris, Wading River, New York

5-star Accommodations
Our luxurious villa and pool.

Our beautiful villa is located in the private Hacienda Pinilla community.  With three miles of unspoiled Guanacaste Province and the Nicoya Peninsula coastline, Hacienda Pinilla’s 4,500 acres of gated historic ranch property, pristine beaches, and untouched natural landscapes offer guests room to roam and experience total tranquility and endless adventure. Hacienda Pinilla is an exclusive resort community boasting three of Costa Rica’s best beaches, and the JW Marriott Resort & Spa, and Rythmia Life Advance Centers.

Why Should I Come?
Can you picture yourself on retreat?

Do you remember that scene in the Indiana Jones movie where Indiana is standing in front of a huge precipice and he can’t get across? He must step out in faith. And ONLY when he puts his foot out does the bridge appear and light up? Well, that’s what faith looks like. Maybe you can’t see the exciting steps laid out in front of you. But this one step could be the first one that lights the one for your path.

I happen to think it is! Take the step now!

Your Art and Yoga Muse – Caroline Karp Artist
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P.S. Take a minute and do one thing. Imagine yourself this summer. Are you still wishing that you were taking some time for yourself? Or are you on a wonderful retreat vacation with a community of amazing expressive ladies? The choice is yours. This offer is only guaranteed for a limited time, so be sure to lock in your pricing today.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me I’ll do my best to answer your question within 24 hours.