Georgetown’s Finest Pantone Candy Cane Pink


A Slice of Life: The Pantone Candy Cane Pink Building is a 40x30x1.5 Acrylic gallery wrapped painting and is part of my Georgetown, DC collection.

Here’s the story… This building used to be a well-known florist in the heart of Georgetown where Instagrammers from around the globe would come to get their pic taken. There is an official hashtag that goes with it. Well, the building sold to a bagel shop. I haven’t been to visit it yet, but I’m quite certain that the building is still pink.

The way that I first came to love the building and the ones surrounding is that my youngest son is a Georgetown Hoya and the pink jewel is close to the university. I wanted to leave him with a parting gift of Lucky Bamboo and this is where I found it… at the Pink Florist. This building holds special meaning for me.

In 2018 I held a show featuring this painting as well as others in my Georgetown collection at a professor’s home (He lives right around the corner.) You can learn more about my show and adventures in Georgetown by reading my Enlightened Artist Blog.

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