The Pink Lady of Georgetown


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For all DC lovers out there, here’s the perfect product for you! Introducing The Pink Lady of Georgetown, 40×30 Acrylic, a stunning depiction of one of DC’s most iconic buildings in the historic neighborhood of Georgetown.


This beautiful painting captures the vibrant energy of the city with its bright pink color and colorful flowers, bringing life to the bustling streets. The Pink Lady was originally the Greenworks Florist, a few blocks away from Georgetown University’s main gate. The building has now been transformed into the popular Call Your Mother Deli, making it an even more iconic location in the city.


I have a deep appreciation for the city’s history and beauty and have captured the essence of Georgetown through my artwork, showcasing the unique architecture and charm that can only be found in this iconic neighborhood.


Whether you are a fan of DC’s rich history, or simply appreciate beautiful artwork, “The Pink Lady of Georgetown” painting is a must-have for any collection. Display it in your home or office and let the beauty of DC’s architecture brighten up your day!

There is just something that is unique and attractive about The Greenworks Florist – Georgetown location. (now The Call Your Mother Deli) If you are on social media it pops up everywhere and is the backdrop for many photo opportunities.

It features cool pink with a warm and glowing sidewalk and adjacent buildings. The “Pink Lady” tells the story – “Look at what humanity has done to create beauty in the middle of the city.”

When in DC… I am painting historical buildings and locations throughout the neighborhood of Georgetown.

Imagine seeing a Pantone Candy Cane Pink building covered with pink flowers in the middle of a bustling city.

Back in 2017, this building was the Greenworks Florist in the historic Georgetown neighborhood of DC, just a few blocks away from the main gate of Georgetown University. I stopped in and bought Sebastian a Lucky Bamboo for his first college dorm room… a special parting gift. I wanted to savor that moment and to do that I painted “The Pink Lady of Georgetown.” Isn’t it cool?

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