Charting a Course – Sailing the Na Pali Coast


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Charting a Course – Sailing the Na Pali Coast” is a stunning 48×36 inch acrylic painting that captures the beauty and adventure of exploring the blue waters along the Napali Coast of Kauai. The painting features a sailboat named The Number 6, sailing through the clear waters and navigating through hidden coves and sea caves. The sailboat’s sails and the crashing waves around it create a sense of motion and energy that draws the viewer into the painting, inviting them to join the journey.

The painting showcases the beautiful shades of blue and green of the ocean waters of the Pacific. The brushstrokes and texture of the painting create a sense of movement, with the waves crashing against the sailboat and the boat bobbing on the water.

Despite the apparent stormy weather with a squall on the horizon, The Number 6 remains steady, demonstrating the resilience and strength of those who chart a course and sail into unknown waters. Overall, “Charting a Course – Sailing the Na Pali Coast” is a visually captivating and adventurous painting that transports the viewer to the beauty and excitement of the Napali Coast.