Elk Mountain Sunflower


Elk Mountain Sunflower is an Expressionist painting of a sunflower with a light blue background painted on a 24x24x1.5 gallery wrapped canvas.

Here’s the story about this lovely glowing flower that is reaching toward the sun and stretching up with joy…

So If you have been following me you know that my boys are grown and one is working in New York and the other goes to school at Georgetown. You can imagine the joy I felt to have them stay with me in North Carolina in our little mountain retreat on Elk Mountain. Together again in North Carolina like we have been doing for the past 12 years.

This painting represents that joy and I painted it right there on the mountain with my boys.

The painting offers a palette of soft blues, cool yellows, earthy green and pops of a few of my favorite ingredients that show my signature style.

Why does red work in this sunflower when I really wasn’t seeing red? I put the red in WHY??

You look and your brain IS seeing the red… you just don’t know that you are seeing it. It works.


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