Flying the Chutes 2 – 24×30 Mixed Media

Please contact the artist to own this original art.

Flying the Chutes 2 is the second half of a diptych that can be reversed… see Flying the Chutes 1. Together it is a 48x30x1.5 gallery-wrapped canvas.

When I’m working on a painting that connects with another I like to paint them at the same time. This way they can hang together AND hang separately.

It tells the story of boats in a regatta speeding toward the finish line. They are flying the chutes… meaning catching the wind. Of course, it is a tumultuous day- which makes it hauntingly beautiful. There is something meditative about being out on the water… especially on a windy day. The wind seems to change the energy around me – I like to close my eyes and let it wash over me. When I’m painting, I use my hands a lot. The sparkles of glimmering light are made with my fingertips. Painting like this allows my inner child out to play.