Morning Beauty * View of the Bay prints available

Morning Beauty found its forever home on Memorial Day 2020, in the midst of the pandemic. What makes this sooooo special is that the patron lives directly in front of this dock and this is his view. How magnificent to be bringing the outside in.

Please contact me if you would like print of Morning Beauty.

An expressionist painting of green grass and trees by the water in the morning while on my daily walk by the bay with sun shining through the trees.Why I Paint the Water  my blog will tell you about my fascination with water.

Have you ever been on a walk in the early morning when the sun is just coming over the horizon. the bright sun can cast such powerful light that makes a brown tree trunk turn a bright orange – pink. At least that is what I see.

I am inspired to paint and share my work so that others can see the world as I do which accomplishes my mission to spread happiness and joy. I donate a percentage of my proceeds to the Environmental Defense Fund.