Nature in a Metropolis: C&O Canal print

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Nature in a Metropolis: C&O Canal

An impressionist painting of the stonework of the C&O Tow Bridge over the canal in the Georgetown neighborhood in DC. It shows a bit of water and so much nature under the bridge.

Here’s the story

As I was walking along the Chesapeake and Ohio canal, I observed the spectacular beauty of nature in the canal even though there was no water and wild growth popping up. I understand that it is sometimes called, “Grand Old Ditch.” I had the vision to show the juxtaposition of nature and the splendid architecture of the overpass crafted by man.

I was inspired to paint the story of how moving it was to find this natural spot in the middle of this crazy city with all of its energy. “Look at this beauty, this artistry of nature in the middle of a thriving metropolis.” My wealth is to notice this story of a moment in time and to capture it on canvas.