Patisserie Poupon: Dogs and Their Walkers – prints available

Patisserie Poupon: Dogs and Their Walkers is an impressionist painting of a beautiful scene in the Georgetown neighborhood in DC. It shows two dogs enjoying a rest from their long walk as their people chat and have coffee. Oh, look there’s an invitation from the artist (Caroline) to come on into her studio and look at the artwork.

I imagine that every Sunday morning these ladies (not pictured) meet up to walk their dogs and get coffee at this local pastry shop (Patisserie Poupon). I saw them on one of these walks and then again later that morning seated here with the dogs resting.

It moves my soul because It’s a slice of their life – a moment in time that shows connection, presence, consistency, and commitment. Isn’t that what most of us are striving for? A bit like a Norman Rockwell painting.

Please contact Caroline if you’d like a gorgeous giclee print made of the original.


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