Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Artist and Dog)


Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Artist and Dog) is a whimsical expressionistic painting of a self portrait of Artist Caroline Karp. Inspired by Hockney.This is a whimsical self portrait of me painting along beautiful Bayshore Blvd. It is so hot in the Florida sun that I painted an umbrella to shade me and a pool right behind me so I could jump in.

The entire piece is a dream or manifestation of sorts. What is real is the love I have of the water and painting it. My dog Arya is real as well. She actually loves to accompany me while I paint. The view that you see is of our walks along Bayshore Blvd. It could be any bayshore in the world.

I find water to be a place of serenity and meditation. It’s a place that I can quietly be by nature.Why I paint the water – my blog

David Hockney’s Portrait of and Artist (Pool with Two Figures) sold for over $90 million.


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