Sailboat and Crew in Rough Sea


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Sailboat and its Crew in Rough Sea, 36×36 Acrylic, is an award-winning dramatic scene of a sailboat on a stormy day. The electric cloudscape tells a story that is a bit more serious in nature. I believe that it was a sneak peek into what was to come in 2020.

It was created in front of a live audience and that adds to the thrill of the piece. It was a chance for me to open the curtains and let the world see how a painting is created.

The bold brushstrokes of deep blues, white and gold tell the story of the quality of the air that tumultuous day out on the sea. And the crew was showing off its skill as they shifted over to the port side of the boat.

Studying how weather affects water inspires to capture this natural phenomenon in my work.

Watch below as I paint in front of a live audience at a gallery and then in my art studio.