Sailboat and Crew in Rough Sea 36x36x1.5 Acrylic on canvas


Watch below as I paint in front of a live audience at a gallery and then in my art studio.

Here I create a dramatic scene of a sailboat sailing in the rough sea on a stormy day through an electric cloudscape. From the whimsical mixed-media expression of a sailboat to the more serious and dramatic interpretation of a sailboat. Today I present my award-winning Sailboat and its Crew. There is a thrill that comes when painting in front of a live audience! It’s a chance for me to open the curtains and let the world see how a painting is created.

Wouldn’t be magnificent to experience the delight of watching and experiencing your very own Caroline Karp original expressionistic painting being created? What if artwork brought dynamic energy into your home or work environment? Joy would pervade!

It can, you know! I’m am not just an artist and this is one thing that makes your experience of working with me – well, magnificent! From live art performance piece to Blue Ribbon Delivery. I’ve always said – It’s all about the creative process – and not the product.

I assure you that I always fall in love with my pieces before what I call “Blue Ribbon Delivery” right to a customer’s door. I guess I’m a performance artist at heart who enjoys creating masterpieces while interested people watch, which is why I do live paintings almost every time that I do an event.

The painting I was creating took on a dynamic and spirited energy of a sailboat cutting through the water of the rough sea. The bold brushstrokes of deep blues, white and gold told the story of the quality of the air that tumultuous day out on the sea. And the crew was showing off its skill as they shifted over to the port side of the boat. I began studying how weather affects water in my undergraduate studio art classes and have been inspired ever since to capture this natural phenomenon. I invite you to follow and subscribe to my Youtube channel where I present a new Video Art Journal each Sunday.