Moonlit Sailing


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Moonlit Sailing is a study of sailboats and how they move in the water. The sails can be all different sizes, shapes, and colors. In the end, they are an organic form just like a sunflower petal.

This is a multi-layered intuitive painting that shows the emotions of people going through life – the ups and the downs. When the times are down you just have to sail the blues until the sun rises up and all is good with the world. Of course, I do pull inspiration from Starry Night and there is so much texture in this piece.

My hope is that others will learn from this way of expression that art can be very healing both in creating it and in having it in their environment.


When I am in a melancholy state I practice reframing my situation. That often means going to a happy place in my mind’s eye. I imagine this place as sailboats on the large vast ocean. I can either be there alone or with the special people in my life.