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Tuscana,” a mixed media marvel on a 30×75 unstretched canvas, stands as an eloquent tribute to the Earth’s majesty, capturing the very essence of the Tuscan countryside. A visual ode to rolling hills, vibrant fields, and the enchanting allure of Italy, this piece encapsulates the heart and soul of the land.

Tuscana invites you to embrace the magic of art, igniting your passion for creative exploration and the boundless realm of possibilities.

The painting was begun in a quaint farmhouse studio in the Italian region of Tuscany. Even though it was summer, the farmhouse was chilly and needed to be heated by the wood stove and fireplace. This made for the most amazing atmosphere. This canvas traveled to and from the US, on trains and in a car. Next, the painting went to San Gimiano. (Watch the video belo Lavagna with a group of artists from Milan at a gathering called Incontri was the last place in Italy that the canvas saw. All of this energy, as well as grass and sand, is imbued into the canvas.

Artist Caroline Karp painting in a farmhouse in Tuscany

Painting of the hills of Tuscany in a luxurious room.

During this private, highly tailored 1:1 session at your location of choice (Tuscany, anyone?), I’ll guide you through my signature process for creating your own masterpiece – even if you’ve never held a paintbrush. You’ll learn to overcome any inhibition, tune into your intuition, and tap into joyful expression in this hands-on, art-making process. I’ll put the finishing touches on your work, making it a truly unique hybrid work of art. And you’ll leave with a piece that embodies your energy, heart, and soul and serves as a daily reminder of the art of expressive living.