Upavishta Konasana – 12x12x1 Mixed Media on canvas


Balance and core strength. Adorned with shells, rocks, and fossils. Part of the Fossilasana Collection.

Here’s the story-

I was walking along the beach on Little Gasparilla Island and noticing that the fossils, shells and rocks along the beach looked like thigh bones and other body parts. At that time I was in yoga teacher training and was studying anatomy and the names of poses in Sanskrit. 

All of this led to me collecting baskets full of the treasures and taking them back to my beach house. It was there that I started putting the puzzle pieces together of the figures in poses. Each pose was represented by a sketch and a puzzle made with the shells and fossils. Each pose was also kept as pieces in a silk drawstring bag and I would challenge people to put the pose together. Fun!

What you see in this image and what is available now is a permanent figure that is surrounded by beautiful shades of the colors of the earth.


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