Watch and listen to award winning skier Lynn Carnes of Mystic Water Farms and Abel Ski School see her Live Action Expressionist Portrait for the first time.

Being in a hospital for our reasons isn’t always the happiest of experiences. But, as I was walking the halls, I saw this on our floor. It put a smile on my face. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing a smile with so many others.

I knew right away that this had to be your work. Number one, it brought a huge smile to my face as I remembered all the happy times we shared together and then knowing your work was in the hospital bringing joy and hope to others was beautiful; even if it only brought them peace at that moment… you definitely brought it to them with your talent. Xoxo – Denise Kendal – Tampa

Your beautiful work added vibrant color and beauty to a recent party at our house. We love what your art has brought to our home! ELaine Hawkins – Safety Harbor, Florida


Word of Intention Art – What people are saying.

"Everyone, I highly recommend that you check out Caroline's Words of Intention pieces. She will create YOUR word of the year, or any word that matters to you, with input from you and inspiration from within. Her work is beautiful! Check it out!"


Word of Intention Art - Abundance Angel intuitive mixed media painting

"My wonderful painting of my Word of the Year! I can't say enough about Caroline and her professionalism. She listened to me and was often intuitively hearing me before I even spoke the words. If you would like a wonderful way to help you follow your Word of the Year, and your DREAMS, reach out to her and see what amazing things she can do for you! Thank YOU Caroline Karp."

Miriam Harper Ansley, owner / Health and Wellness coach at Eat Love Mend.

"Everything! Especially the "energy" of the flowers, that seem as if they are swaying in the wind, and appear exactly as the feeling that one would feel if they glanced upon them bursting with color and life :)"

—Mariaelena  St. Petersberg, FL

"Where do I begin?! I love the colors, your interpretation of the subjects, and most of all the feeling of joy and tranquility that wash over me when I look at the them. :)"
Art in Bloom project benefit for the ARC/BRCFL!

—Susie Delgado Ft. Myers, FL

"We are excited! 😁 this was just so much fun. The way you teach freedom  in art is my passion. It was like hearing myself speak when you described how you wanted us to be free to create what we wanted. ❤️"

—Kimberly Lakeland, FL

Red rose/muladara Chakra workshop

"Everything about this experience makes me smile. Time spent with my friends in a beautiful space. A perfectly paced yoga practice and meditation followed by mindful painting with the root chakra (The Muladhara) and a rose as inspiration, all to live music by Bryan Zink. Wine. Chocolate covered strawberries."

—Christy Celeste Brandon, FL

Yoga and Painting workshops 
"Your on fire! You just set a great space and your freedom and creativity in painting inspires everyone. I will paint every workshop! Honored too!"
—Dina of Zoe Lifestyle Yoga Tampa, Florida
Yoga and Painting workshops
"My feelings were like a roller coaster slipping backwards that had derailed leaving me hanging on for life. The sounds in my mind were those of a screaming child that awakens from sleep only to hear footsteps of an unknown intruder climbing stairs toward the bedroom. Then - we moved through a short series of asana and breath. Clear instructions were offered by Caroline with permission to let go of the inner critic. We painted. A creative Spirit seeped inside of me. The sense of community began to taste like the salt of the ocean. There was a smell of wild eucalyptus as if we were traveling the Pacific Coast Highway through Big Sur, California. In the moment I found myself meditating with sounds of the sea. I've been told that grief comes in waves."  
Thank you for a wonderful experience. Looking forward to painting with you, Caroline.  
—KJ. Lakeland, FL
"The painting transports you to that field...to another place :)"
—Mariaelena  St. Petersburg, FL (Field of Poppies)
Workshops and Retreats

"Caroline brings an authentic perspective an artist and as a yoga teacher. The quality of her teaching and a ability to present her work always inspires her students to connect with their own voice as an artist.

When collaborating , Caroline is open to creating flow and brings her professional  touch as a  presenter and very easy to work with."