“Her art is a window to another world. It’s so familiar, as though it’s a scene from my memory yet like nothing I have seen before. It exuberant such beauty as the colors are vibrant and filled with life. 
I have bought two pieces for my home and everyone who sees them is so enthralled.  What a way to enter through her paintings, another world of relaxation — I can almost smell the beach when I study her beach paintings, I feel the breeze as I gaze upon her infamous sunflower fields paintings, and my soul is at peace when the painting captures me. 
I know it may seem crazy, but it feels as though Caroline paints every painting just for me — but I am sure such a talented artist has everyone who admires her art, feeling the same way.”
—Caroline Sakla - Tampa, Florida

"It’s a beautiful piece. It does happen to be our front yard too. Grateful you captured the essence so poignantly."

—Jason and Bonnie - Safety Harbor, FL

Georgetown Lutheran Church
"I fell in love with this painting the moment that I saw it!! This is such an iconic and historic building, and the vibrant colors against the gorgeous starry night backdrop are so striking yet peaceful. I have this hanging prominently in my dining room and am reminded fondly of exploring Georgetown growing up." 
—Jennifer Han - Rockville, MD
A View of the Georgetown Lutheran Church
A sign of hope
"A Sign of Hope is home! It’s so beautiful and poignant! I have it in my dining room area (where I also work), and can’t stop staring at it! It’s amazing!!!
I love the words/text - so incredible. Just an amazing work of art - thank you from my heart.
I can’t wait to read new text every day - and it’s a reminder of what my work means to me."

—Jennifer Han - Rockville, MD

New York skyline and harbor
Good ol' sunny days

"I’ve been following Caroline for years and fell in love with her artwork the first time I saw it. So I set a date to visit her studio and when she put “Good Ol’ Sunny Days” on the easel I knew I had to have it!

It's now the centerpiece of my family room and greets me when I come in the door.

Since I am local I had the added touch of having Caroline help me hang it. It will make me smile for the rest of my life."

—Nina Warshofsky - Clearwater, FL

Dog Tag Bakery Painting

"I love the dynamic colors and shadows that really capture the energy of this beautiful building. The brushwork is just incredible and captivating. Most importantly, I absolutely love how you captured Frankie! I love his expression, his eyes, and how he just looks like he belongs there (maybe he stopped by during a stroll and is hoping for a treat from the Bakery!)."

—Jennifer Han - Rockville, MD

Mixed Media Fossil Asana

"Thank you for the lovely mixed media Fossil Asana art Caroline. It is very playful and takes me back to memories of art class in school. Deeply appreciated."

Angela Ditch - Alberta, Canada

I'm soooo excited!!! it looks so beautiful!

“I’m truly at a loss for words and my eyes filled with happy tears - It’s so beautiful and captures Frankie’s spirit. The colors are perfect. I absolutely love it and am so, so grateful that you captured my Frankie so perfectly - thank you!!!! I’ll cherish it forever.”

—Jennifer Han - Rockville, Maryland

I'm thrilled beyond words

"The Chez Billy painting is incredible!! I really love the style and colors of your paintings.

I'm thrilled beyond words and so grateful to have such a gorgeous painting!! I couldn't love it more!!"

—Jennifer Han - Rockville, Maryland

beautiful addition to my happy place

"Just the first — more Caroline Karp original art in my future — gorgeous!"

—Elaine Churton - Lutz, Florida

the epitome of someone who lives expressively!
"I love this pink brownstone!!! PANTONE CANDY CANE PINK BUILDING

I love Caroline's work. I love her POV. I LOVE HER DEPTH.
I adore this beautiful pink lady and all of the little details that are all metaphorical/ impressionistic/ seeped with meaning. Caroline is the epitome of someone who lives expressively! I share because the modern world brings people together. And I want to live in an expressive world where we can share and honor one another and our beautiful contributions to the world."

—Marni Ratner - DC

painting of a pink building in Georgetown
Artist in Her Community

"Caroline Karp is such a talented artist. She uses her color and brush strokes to create intense emotion. The technique of her broad plains of color leads you into her work until you get lost. Working with Caroline has been a wonderful experience. She always has beautiful engaging pieces and she has such a wonderful personality that always draws people in. I am so inspired by everything she does!!!!"

—Tanja Vidovic - Safety Harbor, Florida

Artist Caroline Karp
It looks so beautiful in person

"Patisserie Poupon has a beautiful color palette but it has a quiet energy- I love expressionist artwork for the movement in the brush strokes that gives life to the artwork! I gave my mom the original artwork for her condo! It's is a scene based on a real life patisserie in Georgetown DC. and is now hanging up in its new home in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia."

—Theresa Elliott - Rockville, Maryland

painting of two dogs sitting outside a pastry shop
We now have a truly unique piece of art

"The idea came to us that we would love for Caroline to work together with our son Grant to create a one-of-a-kind painting that would be meaningful to just our family. Caroline came to our home and worked with Grant to create the idea and composition of the painting... videotaping the entire process. What a treasure! 

We now have a truly unique piece of art. This painting will be a treasured piece of our home for decades to come. Thank you, Caroline!"

—Andra and Eric Vercauteren - Tampa, Florida

Artist Painting Live Action Expressionist Portraits

Watch and listen to award winning skier Lynn Carnes of Mystic Water Farms and Abel Ski School see her Live Action Expressionist Portrait for the first time.

Art in Healthcare Settings To Help Others Heal

"Being in a hospital for our reasons isn't always the happiest of experiences. But, as I was walking the halls, I saw this on our floor. It put a smile on my face. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing a smile with so many others.

Knowing your work was in the hospital bringing joy and hope to others was beautiful; even if it only brought them peace at that moment... you definitely brought it to them with your talent."

Xoxo —Denise Kendal - Tampa

Artwork for Beautiful Interiors

"Your beautiful work added vibrant color and beauty to a recent party at our house. We love what your art has brought to our home!"

—ELaine Hawkins - Safety Harbor, Florida

Creating Inspirational Artwork

Word of Intention Art — What People are saying:

"Everyone, I highly recommend that you check out Caroline's Words of Intention pieces. She will create YOUR word of the year, or any word that matters to you, with input from you and inspiration from within. Her work is beautiful! Check it out!"