A Blog and A Vlog About my River Painting

Enlightened Artist Blog: A Blog and A Vlog About my River Painting

Sun Dappled River in North Carolina

I’m posting this today in honor of my friend and coach Elaine… as the waters of her river (the Swannanoa) rise, threatening to engulf her peaceful home. May the Sun Dappled peacefulness return to her home!(And Mr. Brown Bear be safe!)

The story behind this work…

This particular river is in North Carolina… where I end up each summer. When I travel into the hills or mountains, I like to stay by the river. Each morning I begin my day with a yoga practice. Then I pull on my river walking boots and wander to the river–or stream, find a large rock to use as an easel, and paint. I find painting to be a moving meditation and one that I love to do in nature.I actually have a video (vlog) of this process.

So you have heard of a blog, right? But maybe you haven’t heard of a Vlog. Well a Vlog is a Blog in which the postings are primarily in video form. It’s a form of web television. You are probably familiar with travel vlogs.

The painting above is a plein aire painting that is being written about now on my blog; the process of painting it is on my Vlog; and acts as a travel blog as well.

That’s what makes this piece so special! If you were the ideal client that decided to invest in this piece, you would be provided with it’s story.

I like to connect my blogs and vlogs to my artwork, speaking to my ideal client. Both building a relationship and educating them about my process. So my content is endless, because I am a very prolific painter.

I’m going to direct you to my Vlog now (you will need to click here) Painting in a North Carolina River

My vlog page has so much variety. Right now it’s a learning process, so you will see me trying out techniques and discovering different tools.

Painting comes naturally to me. The blogging and vlogging are something new that I’m adding to my process as an artist and marketer.

Just as when people learn a new language – how to paint – how to do virtually anything. There is a learning curve. The important thing that I’ve realized is to post and to post imperfectly, if you have to.

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