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Chesapeake Day at the Races: Enlightened Artist Blog

Live Painting Of Chesapeake Day At The Races

One spectacular evening at my event called A Taste of Georgetown I painted live in front of my audience while answering questions that they had about my technique and inspiration. Everyone was surprised at how quickly the sky came to life.

Artist Caroline Karp live painting at her Georgetown show. This two piece painting is of sailboats racing.

This piece was named by my son Sebastian as he was watching me begin it at my Georgetown studio for the week. It features 4 Melges sailboats in a race in the bay. It appears that the boats are going to crash into each other, and it takes very skilled sailors for that not to happen.

Detail of a painting of sailboats

As you can see there is a suggestion of people, the sailors, using their bodies as a weight to keep the boat from flipping and as a way to direct the boats. I can imagine it uses so much core strength.

I captured this exact scene with my iPhone while on a boating outing on Tampa Bay. So it could really be named Tampa Bay a Day at the Races. It could actually be anywhere that sailors sail.

Expressionist painting of a sailboat
Expressionist painting of a Melges sailboat and its crew in a tumultuous sea.

It is part of my Sailboat Series and the second one that I have painted live at one of my solo shows. I am moved to paint sailboats and water because in these paintings I can capture movement and color in both the sky and in the water.

Once again I enjoy creating the juxtaposition of the man-made boats with their sharp angles and the flowing essence of the water and sky. The people become part of the scene to try and tame the two.

Dan Steen, a Georgetown lawyer, commented that he was fascinated by the sky and backgrounds in my paintings.

Live painting at my Georgetown show

My Artist Talk

Tony brought the guests together to welcome them and introduced me once again to share some commentary about my art. It was then that became the storyteller of my paintings which was Perhaps the most engaging part of the evening. I spoke about each painting which led to a thoughtful discussion amongst the guests. I haven’t been in front of intelligent discourse about my artwork since I was in art school and it was a very welcomed experience.