Georgetown Experience: Enlightened Artist Blog – part 3

My Artist Talk

I’d like to share some of the discussion from the show


Slice of Life: The Pantone Candy Cane Pink Florist-

The Pantone Candy Cane Pink Florist

There is just something that is unique and attractive about The Greenworks Florist – Georgetown location. If you are on social media it pops up everywhere and is the backdrop for many photo opportunities.

The building, which is painted Pantone Candy Cane Pink, is even more magnificent in person! I was moved to paint an image of it in my expressionistic painterly style that I’m known for.

Using my artistic license, I decided to contrast the cool pink with a warm and glowing sidewalk and adjacent buildings. My painting tells the story – “Look at what humanity has done to create beauty in the middle of the city.”

Slice of Life: Nature in the Center of a Thriving Metropolis

Giving my artist talk about A Slice of Life: Nature in a Thriving Metropolis

As I was walking along the Chesapeake and Ohio canal, I observed the spectacular beauty of nature in the canal even though there was no water and wild growth popping up. I understand that it is sometimes called, “Grand Old Ditch.” I had the vision to show the juxtaposition of nature and the splendid architecture of the overpass crafted by man.

I was inspired to paint the story of how moving it was to find this natural spot in the middle of this crazy city with all of its energy. “Look at this beauty, this artistry of nature in the middle of a thriving metropolis.” My wealth is to notice this story of a moment in time and to capture it on canvas.