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The day the boat broke down on the Rainbow River

Enlightened Artist Blog: Floating Along the Rainbow

The day that the boat broke down on the river…

I love going on the river and studying everything around me! The River is a great inspirations for me… You know, like going with the flow.

Each year I travel around the country and stay by the river. Rivers can be so different in each region. I’ve noticed that I’m a seasonal painter. Summer is marked by a vacation to a Florida river called The Rainbow River. Sometimes it not even planned, but there I am with my yoga mat rolled out, on some sort of water vessel, floating down the Rainbow.

That is what makes my River Series of paintings so special. They serve as a travel blog and memory of all the rivers I’ve stayed on.
Floating Along the Rainbow

This summer I rode on a vessel unlike any other one that I encountered on a river. It was a very fast–better than any Disney Park ride–airboat piloted by Captain Bob. He is so well know in those parts and knows everything about the river.

So as we were speeding around the river, I held onto my iphone and documented my joy ride. Air-boat ride with Captain Bob

Captain Bob would slow the boat down every so often to tell a bit about the river… like a history on parade. I felt like a know it all, because I have been studying and painting that river for years. At each pause of our trip, I shared images from my website with him of the exact locations we were looking at. He seemed impressed.

Captain Bob was a bit of a jokester. You know the kind that scares the kids into thinking some kind of mishap is going to happen while aboard. Well, I thought that he was teasing when he said that the engine blew. We were stuck upriver for a bit. As long as we stayed in the center of the river (now the Withlacoochee) we were fine.

Tommy Bahama Boy on the Withlacoochee River
You may wonder why we had to stay in the center…not necessarily alligators, but wasps.

I enjoyed that our 1 hour tour became a 3 hour tour. The second leg of our journey involved us floating on a pontoon boat, with the airboat in tow. It is so peaceful to just float and soak in the nature of the Rainbow.

Rainbow River Bird

It was grand that Captain Bob also owns the Blue Gator restaurant and called in our table of 7 to be ready for us when we docked. Perhaps Captain Bob will commission a painting of The Blue Gator restaurant, the river and his boats.


  1. Thank you so much. We turned a bad situation into a enjoyable one. I would love to have you paint the Blue Gator with the dock and boats. Agian thank you Caroline.

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