sunrise on the Harbor with sailboats

Why I Paint the Water

The Enlightened Artist Blog: Why I paint the water (For all the people that live along Beautiful Bayshore Blvd, anywhere)

I love to explore water – especially in my river boots.

I’m pretty sure that there are Bayshore Boulevards all over the world. I’m also fairly certain that the houses that line these boulevards are spectacular! Mostly because of their stunning views of the water and all that live in and around the water.

If you live by the water, your view will change thousands of times during each day. Each morning will be different from the morning before and the same goes for the sunset.

Painting of the bay with sailboats

The stunning view from a house along beautiful Bayshore Blvd.

I’m so interested by what happens to the color of the water and what can disturb the surface of the water. Most people think of the color blue when they see the water. Yes this is true – but it’s not just one iteration of blue. My paintbrush loves to find all of them.

reflections in the water of an infinity pool hockney style

reflections in the water of an infinity pool hockney style

One of my passions is floating down a crystal clear river in my Kayak, that I lovingly call Santee. It’s a place of serenity and meditation for me. A place that I can quietly be with nature.

reflections in water on a crystal clear river

Floating down a river in my kayak named Santee.

The next time you are looking at the water, just look at the reflections. If the water is calm enough, well the image is a mirror of what is happening in the sky. If the sky has pink, purple, orange and grey. The water will too.

I find water to be soothing and meditative. I chose to live right by the water so that I can walk my dog every day alongside of it. This painting below is what I look at every day when I walk my dog Arya. Perhaps you have seen me? Just for fun I painted a self portrait of me painting my view along Bayshore with my dog Arya sunning herself.

self portrait of me painting the bay

A self portrait of me paintinfg the bay with my pup Arya.

I have a solo art show going on right now in a cute bungalow that is in the heart of Safety Harbor, which just happens to have a view of the bay. The same bay that you see pictured in these paintings. This will be a travelling exhibition that may be coming to a city near you.

Here are the details of my August 10, 2018 show.

Safety Harbor Museum
329 Bayshore Blvd
Safety Harbor, Florida
The show is up now until the end of August
There is a special VIP Reception, which will include me painting live and DJ Mr.Bongos playing music. On August 10 from 6:00-8:00 pm.

Please click over to my Exhibitions page (RSVP) to get put onto this special list of invites.

All of my pieces are for sale on my website as well as at my show. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of any of my water series paintings will be donated to Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful.

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