Art + Intention = Change

Welcome change in 2020 with your Word of Intention.


The practice of setting a WORD of the YEAR, or a WORD of INTENTION, shapes us in a beautiful, organic way. We set intentions not just because of what we GET, but also because of who we BECOME on the journey. The journey beings when we discover our Word of the Year … or when it discovers us! I love that feeling of discovery! 

How about you? It’s a feeling of…


It’s like you’re SURE the Universe will deliver because … that word? That word represents your highest and best intention.

Then, the year moves on. The calendar turns. Life happens, work beckons, family calls, and your word is left behind, forgotten.

Before you know it, it’s December again, time to pick your NEXT new word. This is when you discover last year’s word … unfulfilled, dusty, pricking you with a thorn or two of guilt.

You’ll do better this time, you declare!

You’ll honor your word!
Give it space!
Keep it alive!
Friend, what if you could? 

What if you COULD keep your word alive? How powerful would 2020 be for you if your word stayed with you all year, top of mind and top of heart?

Introducing Word of Intention, a beautiful mixed-media painting of your word.

A hand-designed and hand-painted Word of Intention keeps the energy of your word alive throughout the year.

Creating YOUR mixed-media painting begins with a 30-minute exploration call to explore why your word spoke to you and what else is driving you—details that guide me in INTUITIVELY creating your unique Word of Intention painting.

Choose from one of three sizes, and then hang your exquisite painting on gallery canvas in a place of prominence as a daily reminder, re-engagement, and re-energizing of your intention.