Big Ol’ Full Moon – 36×36 Mixed Media on canvas


Artists tend to think deeply. Think deeply and then paint… wondering if their message is “gotten by the viewer.”

This mixed media piece called, “Big Ol Full Moon” is a creative journey from the outside to the inside which I decided to embark on during the CoVID 19 pandemic. I figured since I had a bit of time on my hands, I would put it to good use. 

I created Big Ol’ Full Moon using my 5 step Intuitive Painting process. 

The journey began by writing words down the middle of the canvas… all words that I would use to describe me.

I was pondering over who sees out… like at any given time. Who encounters and interprets my world. Which persona of me and if none of these, then who or what.

Kinda deep… that’s what artists do, they think deeply.

I entered into the painting without an image in mind… which is a fun creative exercise. I like to play with what I see.


My work tends to be bold, and a lot of passion and emotion comes along with the process. Most of the time I have no idea what I’m about to paint. But it’s about the journey into uncertainty and an awakening of the heart.”