Fountain at the Gigglewaters



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Since everyone can’t have water fountains in their homes, the best alternative is to hang a painting of a waterfall or a fountain. Water has connections with money. Hanging waterfall paintings on the wall results in the flow of positive energy. When there is a flow of positivity, prosperity, and abundance of wealth follow.

Fountain at the Gigglewaters (30×40 acrylic) is a sparkly and colorful connection piece and was created during a live painting event in the heart of downtown Safety Harbor. It combines man-made architectural elements as well as the natural elements of water and air with space to breathe.

Since the world has opened up my desire to connect with people has grown exponentially! My heart and mind brought me out of my studio to gatherings of people out enjoying life. These gatherings became my studio. I packed my paints and easel and painted amongst the people who became my audience and at times part of the painting. 

The Fountain at the Giggglewaters was a live event that celebrated the re-opening of this historical building in my community. It was also celebrating the first gathering of its kind since 2020.

In 2022 the little girl in the pink dress was added during a black light painting event at the Safety Harbor Art Museum. The painting now fully glows in the dark under a black light which can only truly be enjoyed in person.

 It is sparkly and colorful like confetti. People are longing for happy days and my work portrays that.