Ha’ena Beach Arrival 36×36 mixed media acrylic

Please contact the artist – Caroline@carolinekarpartist.com to own this original art.

Ha’ena Beach Arrival embraces the lushness and dreamlike quality of the Garden Island of Kauai. Not everyone knows to go to this specific beach and when it is discovered it is magical.

The painting began as an intuitive exploration… a journaling activity where I journaled all over the canvas. Once the narrative was told, the entire surface was covered with Circle of Life symbols and glazes of paint in a landscape fashion. While painting out of my Kauai studio I took a trip to the end of the road and stopped at Ha’ena beach. As I was meditating on the beach, I looked up and saw the vision of how I wanted to finish this painting.

Most of the paint is added in washes/glazes to allow a few of the images and words to peek out. The washes also give the ocean water a luminous quality.