Irie Life 48x36x1.5 Acrylic on canvas


Intuitive painting of a sailboat. When I paint intuitively, I don’t have a starting or end goal in mind. I study the shapes and colors and then the painting takes form.

Many of my mixed media paintings are like this and you will see elements disappear and turn into something else. That’s why I like to document the layers with time-lapse.

There’s a storm brewing at the beach that I camped on with dear friends… fellow warrior women and we just lost our chief.

Off in the left is my Hopper House that I have placed there. This house shows up in different forms in many of my paintings created like this. It’s a place of healing and community.

Seems like there is a break happening in the storm…and the energy is being cleared. This painting depicts both the heavens and the earth with glowing colors. It actually includes all of the elements.

In this playfully whimsical mixed media painting, I’m sending out good vibes and feelings.

Can you feel it? Zoom in to see my message.

IRIE (i-’ree): a good feeling, contentment, and harmony. As in an Irie Life.

“Love your way of combining and placing colours, and also the brush strokes, it all works together so well!!” Adele – fellow artist