A Slice of Irie Life


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IRIE (i-’ree): a good feeling, contentment, and harmony. As in an Irie Life.

Irie Life 48×36 Acrylic is a world away from the craziness of life in the city. The “Little Star” stood there all alone in the middle of the harbor just off the shore of the magical island. The warm waters produced bioluminescence sparkling off the bow.

Irie Life tells the story of a gathering of fellow warrior women that had just lost their chief. There’s a storm brewing in the whimsical orange sky.

In this playfully whimsical mixed media painting, I’m sending out good vibes and feelings.

Can you feel it?

“A Slice of Irie Life,” illustratively depicts a cozy maritime scene. In the foreground, a wooden sailboat is featured at the bottom left corner of the canvas. The boat’s sail is a canvas for vibrant abstract patterns, including white sails adorned with motifs of red, yellow, gold, and blue leaves and flowers set against a light orange background. At the top center of the sail, a distinctive circle with a small star draws attention. This detail is confirmed by the text “Little Star” included in the painting, probably a name or emblematic feature of the boat, emphasized by brush strokes and colors forming an atmospheric sunset effect in the sky, with a palette consisting of liquid gold, orange, and blue. Background elements include a red Hopperesque structure and a half-moon pond embellished with goldfish and lotus, adding a layer of tranquility to the painting. Strings of colorful lanterns and a wind chime near a fisherman’s hut inject a vibrant, lively energy into the quaint setting, underscoring a sense of warmth and nostalgia within the artwork.