Island Delight 40x30x1.5 mixed media on canvas


Island Delight is a mixed media painting that has gone through quite a few evolutions and layers to create this uplifting piece. What is it about it that makes someone feel happy and relaxed? Is it the mix of colors in the palette, the image of sailboats on the water, or the whimsical nature of the piece.

“Remember to delight yourself first, then others can be truly delighted”-Sark 🌻

Take DeLight in whatever you do! 🌻

The sailboats in the foreground were made using a process where I tear tissue paper and varnish it onto the canvas. After that I work in color using paint and pastels. You can see that I use this technique in many of my mixed media paintings.

If you look up close you can see a layer of sparkly discs in the sky. These are to emphasize the light in the sky and the DeLight of being by the water. The scene could be anywhere!
Whether it is the pale moonlight just before dawn, the red of the sunrise, the white light of the day, or the crimson-orange of the sunset, the light is always stunning over the glittering water of the Bay.
A fun fact is that this painting glows under a black light. It’s quite amazing!


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