North Wall Series 5


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The North Wall Series is a series of large abstract expressionistic oil paintings inspired by The North Wall Effect,  referring to the region of most dramatic temperature change between the cold water to the north and the warm Gulf Stream water to the south.

The image shows the ocean’s dynamic energy of a wave under the water

North Wall Series, 5 60x60x2 Oil on canvas, was created with a childlike fascination for the properties of colors and what happens when colors are mixed.

The painting is a riot of vibrant colors, with bold brushstrokes and gestural marks creating a sense of movement and fluidity. I’ve used a variety of techniques to create texture and depth, with areas of thick impasto contrasting with thin washes of color.

At the center of the painting, a large wave is depicted, with the colors swirling and eddying around it. The wave is created with thick impasto, giving it a three-dimensional quality that contrasts with the flatter areas of color around it.

The overall effect of the painting is one of energy and movement, with the viewer almost able to feel the power of the ocean depicted on the canvas. The abstract nature of the painting allows for a range of interpretations, with each viewer likely to see something slightly different in the swirling colors and dynamic brushstrokes.