Sailboat at the Crack of Dawn


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Sailboat at the Crack of  Dawn, 48×30 Mixed Media, tells the story of searching for the sun through the heaviness of morning’s fog and clouds and suddenly through a crack in the sky, there’s a burst of golden-white light. You could almost fall through that crack as you search into the heavy sky of deep blues, bronzes, and oh so many shades of grey. Let that light shine!!! Ever wonder what it would feel like to be out on a sailboat at the break of dawn?

“Sailboat at the Crack of Dawn” depicts a small sailboat on a vast sea. The sailboat appears to have two masts with sails furled, and one of the masts seems to be slightly lowered. The sky above is filled with dark clouds, suggesting an approaching storm. However, a striking feature of the painting is the ray of sunshine breaking through the dark clouds on the left side, casting a hopeful and serene glow on the scene. The colors of gold and pink from the setting sun are radiating onto the water, reflecting off its surface and creating a radiant and peaceful atmosphere.

The golden in this is gold leaf.