The Anjelica Sunflower – Coastal Trio Series


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The Anjelica Sunflower – Coastal Trio Series

The story is super sweet about how this trio of sunflowers came to be. It was a magical evening, and I felt like I had little fairies all around me. Little girls showed up at the museum to watch as I started to paint these flowers in front of a live audience. These weren’t just any little girls. These little loves are students of mine that have graduated from our little classroom on the lake, another magical place.

The girls know me as Ms. Caroline and their attachment to me is still very strong. Anjelica, Juniper and Jasmine pulled up chairs close behind me watching and engaging with me throughout my entire process. Toward the end of the evening when Jasmine and Juniper and the other 80 guests left, Anjelica stayed behind and organically began to paint with me on the third canvas. Anjelica is no stranger to working with me on art collaborations. She has worked with me as a 3,4,5 and now 7-year-old. It felt good to be painting with her again.

The spirit and energy of these girls and the evening show in the whimsical brushstrokes of this trio.

Painting with me is an experience I offer to children and adults in venues like this one, live painting events and corporate events.

It has become my passion project to raise money for the World Central Kitchen benefiting the women and children of Ukraine. My first stop was in DC at the Georgetown Art Walk. Second I ventured to Kauai. I painted this trio at the Safety Harbor, Florida museum at my Coastal Art exhibition.

Sunflowers for me have always been a symbol of beauty, strength and freedom… and what I’d want to see for the world.