Turning the Tide… Sailboats at Sea 72×60 mixed media

Please contact the artist Caroline@carolinekarpartist.com if interested in owning this original art.

Turning the Tide… Sailboats at Sea

A multi-layered mixed media large six-paneled impressionist painting of 13 whimsical sailboats with orange and bronze sails bouncing around in the turquoise blue waters are being shifted ever so gently by the tide.

The sea is ever-changing. “The sailor responds to a subtle shifting of the wind, the imperceptible Undetectable) ebbing of the tide. He changes course. He trims his sheets. He sails.” – Richard Bode

When you set your focus into the infinite potential and possibility. It’s endless. You’ll start to be affected by tides and currents that are so universal that you don’t even know that you’re being shifted. It’s like the wind coming down onto a cruise ship in the ocean. And just slightly turning it off course without the ship even knowing that it has moved.