Vision – Word of Intention Art


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Create the grandest vision possible for your life because you become what you believe. —Oprah Winfrey VISION

Vision – 12x12x1 Mixed Media on canvas

Here’s the story of the Word of Intention Art Collection-

When I began my spiritual journey, I noticed that many of the things that I painted would appear in my world. So I decided to do a series of works that centered around that concept. If you study these closely, you can follow my journey of freedom, lots of growth, connection and seeking to be wide awake.

Intuitively inspired and centered around the word vision. The process involves beginning with black torn tissue paper applied randomly. Color is then added and that is where the magic begins! I intuitively apply layers and sculpt what I see on the canvas…and by thinking of what I want to manifest in life, the images appear. The mark-making with many different objects adds to the richness of the mixed media piece.

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