word of intention painting by artist Caroline Karp

How to attract Abundance

Enlightened Artist Blog: How to attract Abundance (For women who shop Prada)


Abundance;  A very large quantity of something.

What do you think of when you think Abundance? Most people automatically think “money,”right?

Today at the Blue Table (where 6 adorable 5 year olds and I sit in our Kindergarten classroom) our vocabulary word of the day (for journaling) is abundance.

Here is each child’s initial connection:

  • Emily – has an abundance of Mimosa flowers
  • Coraline – has an abundance of cats
  • Caleb- has an abundance of legos
  • Sierra – has an abundance of toys
  • Cormac – has an abundance of trains
  • Lily- has an abundance of hair bows.

All tangible objects – like money.

Ok –yes. How about feelings, emotions, ways of being– non-tangible — soft results?

“peace love joy” mixed media on paper

Ahhhh now look at the connections that the children made:

  • Emily – love
  • Coraline – happiness
  • Caleb – excitement
  • Sierra – cuteness
  • Cormac – joy
  • Lily – friendship
  • I added – peace

So much of my work as an artist and a Kindergarten teacher focuses on the fostering of the intangible concepts of Abundance.

How do you attract intangible abundance?

One way I know (very well!) is to attract intangible abundance by surrounding yourself with beautiful art that inspires and moves your soul.

Take a look through my gallery and pick one painting that says “Abundance” to you, and post your find in the comments.