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A Slice of Life – Commemorative Paintings

Enlightened Artist Blog: A Slice of Life – Commemorative Paintings (For women who shop Prada)

Or Christian Dior-

After women, flowers are the most divine creations. – Christian Dior×48-acrylic/

This post is for you if –

  • You like a good story.
  • You get mesmerized by watching an artist paint at lightning fast speed.
  • You have a special event that you would like captured by me, the artist.

Oh to feel like nobility.

Nobility is part of the Slice of Life – Commemorative Painting Collection.  The brushwork and color palette are quite exquisite! Here’s where you can read the story behind this painting.

This painting weaves the story of the wedding day of Kate Upton (supermodel) and Justin Verlander (Detroit Tigers- pitcher), and I the artist.

I saw a photo of this arrangement of flowers was part of their wedding reception. (The magic of social media) and decided to create my masterpiece. It’s interesting what influences an artist. I was drawn in by the soft color palette and flowers.

I know that Kate LOVES flowers because Justin surprised her with a series of my sunflowers back in 2014. I was contacted by his financial planner to have the paintings shipped overnight to the hotel where the couple was staying. (Justin was pitching against the Chicago Cubs.) He wanted to surprise Kate for her birthday. What a special gift!!! I’m honored to have paintings hanging in their home.

Any hoo, I had a client ask me how long the painting actually took me to paint. Hmmmm not sure I should answer that. How about 40+ years… what can I say-  when the paint is flowing, I paint really quickly.

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