Enlightened Artist Blog: Five enlightened ways to select art for your HOME (for women that shop PRADA)

Luminous Art makes a house a HOME!

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and been blown away by an overwhelming feeling that you just entered a celestial place? In that moment did you envy that person? That HOME – What made that home give you that  feeling and your house not?

Perhaps over the years you’ve been picking up pieces from Target, Ross, …. And perhaps now you’d like to upgrade, to be enlightened, to purchase art that matches your designer self and illuminates your soul?

So, are you wondering…

How do I choose art to make my house a Home? Is buying art an investment? Where do I find art that makes my heart sing?

Without further ADO – Here is my list of 5 enlightened ways to select ART to make your house a luminous HOME. (Much of this process can be done online)

Choose art with a color palette that turns your head. -Try this (google paint colors of the year for decorating). So, what pulls your eye in and gives you that warm fuzzy feeling? I always take these color palettes into consideration when creating artwork. But don’t make it the focus of your search and purchase.

Stormy at the Hopper House

Decide on the size, shape and number of pieces – One gigantic painting can transform a room for sure! But also consider a series of smaller pieces that are connected in some way, either thematically or color wise. This can offer the viewer a spectacular experience!

Weeping Daisy

Choose art from your heart – Get to know a bit about an artist. Does she have a website that tells a story about her work? If a piece pulls your heartstrings – jump on it! Really! It’s one of a kind and if you don’t buy it then someone else will.

Commission a piece of your own- If you’re thinking of purchasing a special one of a kind piece, but haven’t found the perfect one, Have one created for you. Chat with an artist, tell your story. This can truly be an amazing experience to witness a painting be created that was inspired by you! Click here to start your commission!

This a Slice of Life – Commemorative Painting Commission  called, “Maybe I’m Amazed” It’s actually a diptych (two paintings ) One for each nightstand in a bedroom. It is a commission that  Elise had these made for her husband as a wedding gift. The song lyrics of  Maybe I’m Amazed are woven through the painting.

Buying art that makes a good investment! How much is that Prada bag in your closet?  You will spend significantly more on original artwork! But always buy something that you absolutely love! Something that makes your home luminous.        

Here’s a true story- I know it’s true because it’s about me.   About 5 years ago my flower series paintings sold for $300 a piece. They sold like hot cakes. Now 5 years later they command $1000 +. The value of pieces rise steadily. Now that’s an investment! Yet still affordable. If you love it – buy it now. Visit my website at https://www.carolinekarpartist.com/  to see what art lights up your soul.