Detail of an expressionist painting of a sailboat

Expressionist Painting of a Sailboat : An Enlightened Artist Blog

Enlightened Artist Blog : An Expressionist Painting  of a Sailboat and It’s Crew from Inception to Blue Ribbon Delivery (for women who shop Prada)

Wouldn’t it be magnificent to experience the delight of watching and experiencing your very own Caroline Karp original expressionistic painting being created?

What if artwork brought a dynamic energy into your home or work environment? Joy would pervade and your home would feel like an interior decorator’s dream.

Detail of an expressionist painting of a sailboat

A cropped in view of an expressionist painting of a sailboat .

It can, you Know! I’m am not just an artist and this is one thing that makes your experience of working with me – well magnificent!

In this blog I’m going to take you through my creative process of making an expressionist painting of  “Sailboat and its Crew.” From live art performance piece to Blue Ribbon Delivery.

I’ve always said – It’s all about the benefits of the creative process – and not the product. But I assure you that I always fall in love with my pieces before the Blue Ribbon Delivery.

The finished “Sailboat and its Crew” Awaiting the perfect customer to buy it so that the ribbon can be tied on.

Setting the stage

I set my stage by hosting my art show called Reflections and Water – scenes from Tampa Bay and Beyond.

Hosting A Show

I made sure to invite my VIP peeps – both in person and online. My guests arrived to the cute little bungalow situated (Safety Harbor side) of Tampa Bay. It was the perfect venue to show off my masterpieces all about water.

A gathering of My VIP Circle.

The Live Painting Event

After mingling with the guests I went to my easel and began to paint – live.

The People Who Sail Were Attracted to the Sailboat Painting

The people who love to sail were immediately drawn to the image coming to life on my canvas. One told me that I was indeed painting a Melges sailboat.

Others were interested in my dramatic color palette and cloudscape. Others were so very impressed that I could perform and talk to patrons at the same time.

I Finished Up In MY Studio

Melges sailboat painting up on the easel at my studio. I’m about to add in more of the dramatic sky.

I guess I’m a performance artist at heart who enjoys creating masterpieces while interested people watch, which is why I do live paintings almost every time that I do an event. You can see that I do enjoy painting with my hands, especially when I’m painting clouds and movement.

I Offer Live Painting Events 

(Did you know that I offer live painting at events as one of my artist services?) Picture going to a wedding and watching an artist painting at the reception venue. Imagine being the couple that had just gotten married and owning that piece of custom made artwork.

I’m live painting at a fancy event .

Imagine going to a party or corporate event and working on a collaborative art piece that was coordinated by me and used as a team building project.

This was a collaborative art experience for a corporate client.


Varnishing is the final process of getting a painting ready for Blue Ribbon Delivery.

What’s interesting about me as an artist and why it’s so great –

My paintings are energetic and dynamic adding brilliant light and energy to any space.
My keen focus on nature and the environment brings the outside – indoors to enjoy each and every day.
My work conveys a sense of nostalgia and is recognizable to people traveling to the different vistas that I capture.
The performance art aspect of my business adds talking points to my pieces.
Many of my paintings have unexpected surprises in them. (glow in the dark)
Each painting has a story that goes along with it.
I am passionate about the environment and I donate a percentage of my proceeds to the Environmental Defense Fund and Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful.