A Sign of Hope: NYC Skyline & Harbor 48x36x1.5 Mixed Media on canvas


A Sign of Hope: New York Skyline & Harbor is a multi-layered, intuitive mixed media Pandemic inspired painting.

It features a whimsical style NYC skyline, the USS Comfort, The Statue of Liberty, the NY Harbor and a lone sailboat with a blue and white sail.

Words of hope are written through the night sky.

What I value most right now in my work is connection, nature, beauty, imagination, and wellness.

My paintings are inspired by nature and how humankind interacts with that nature.

My mixed media pieces like A Sign Of Hope are inspired by intuition well as things that are happening worldwide. I capture those things on my canvas and they become works of art that I can continue to work back in to.

A Sign Of Hope is rather poignant right now as it is something that I am working through with the pandemic that we are in right now.

Press about A Sign of Hope

The painting started as a… watch the video below to find out.