Barche Danzanti


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Step into the captivating world of “Barche Danzanti” or “Sailboats Dancing”  in the Ligurian Sea, a masterpiece born from the harmonious collaboration of talented artists from Milan. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Borgo de Torre in Lavagna, this vibrant painting encapsulates the enchanting essence of the Ligurian Sea.

With raw pigments in hand, inspired by techniques honed at Milan’s prestigious art academy, I had the privilege of painting alongside the gifted Barbara Pastorino and Michela Lingiardi. Lavagna, a town steeped in artistic history along the Ligurian coast, became our canvas as we embarked on a journey to capture the soul-stirring synergy of sea and sailboats.

The fusion of our distinct styles and perspectives evokes an awe-inspiring array of interpretations. Each stroke of the brush tells a unique story, showcasing the power of collaborative creativity and the art of expressive living.

“Barche Danzanti” is not merely a painting but a symphony of artistic souls entwined with the Ligurian breeze, embodying the sheer joy of creation and connection. 36×60 mixed media on unstretched canvas

It lights me up to share the process of creating my art and what goes into a painting. Watch the video below where snippets of my traveling and painting come together. My two artist friends joined me for a painting collaboration called Brushes Without Borders. Our plan is to host a painting retreat in this very location. Check out my WORK WITH ME page to find out more.