Historic Building in Georgetown


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Focusing on the nature of the beautiful gardens and the time of day… right at twilight, the “Historic Building in Georgetown, DC” glows and invites the viewer right into the scene. 30×40 Acrylic

Here’s a bit of history about the Georgetown Lutheran Church which inspired this painting. The info was collected from the church website.

“Thirty-two years before the city of Washington became the capital of our nation, a Lutheran congregation was organized in Georgetown, north of the Potomac River. A deed recorded in Frederick, Maryland, May 17, 1770, and a decision of the Supreme Court in 1829 concerning the title to a Lutheran church property prove the existence of an organized Lutheran congregation in Georgetown as early as 1769.

Early in the 18th century, a group of Lutherans from Germany, having settled in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland, migrated to the Potomac Valley. They were attracted by Lord Baltimore’s offer of land. Itinerant pastors ministered to these settlers as early as 1733. A generous pioneer developer donated a plot for the erection of a Lutheran church and a congregation was promptly organized.”