Special Delivery on M-Street… The PNC Building


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“Special Delivery on M Street.” Notice the delivery van… It has just delivered art to a lucky collector on M. The landmark building pictured sits at the intersection of M and Wisconsin Avenue. It is the heart of Georgetown, with boutique-lined streets extending in all four directions.


Featured in the Georgetowner in DC- https://www.carolinekarpartist.com/press/


In front of The Fountain Inn at 1659 Wisconsin Ave. NW, a live painting demonstration is being given by Georgetown artist Caroline Karp, surrounded by several of her paintings from her series Iconic Georgetown Buildings. While chatting with passersby, she’s adding brushstrokes to a work she’s calling Special Delivery on M Street. “If you look at the van” in the painting, she said, “you’ll see that it’s full of my art work that’s being delivered somewhere on M Street. So, it’s kind of cheeky.”

Does Karp find it distracting to paint while being pestered with questions? “Not at all,” she said, “I like it because people’s energy becomes part of the art work.” While Karp has galleries in Tampa, Kauai and D.C., she always finds it energizing to paint in Georgetown where “all the buildings and the colors just talk to me and the people are just really friendly.”