The Shift: Sailboats at Sea -48x36x1.5 Mixed Media on canvas


I know that all this will sound kinda woo… often times when I step up to the canvas, I ask the canvas what it wants to reveal. It’s my little exercise of resting AS awareness. 

It’s always ecstatic and illuminating what shows up. While transforming the painting that I am naming The Shift, I wanted the canvas to begin fresh and forever changed… and in the tear of black tissue paper, I did just that. It was an exhilarating and liberating moment when I saw the sailboats appear as they often do.

If you pay really close attention to the video and the process of me creating, you will see the sailboats righting their course through several shifts in direction.

Riding the flow of the challenges of discovering the correct perspective of what sailboats should look like and then finding the, “Oh I love it” stage can be quite blissful. This is my practice of resilience. I trust that every time I encounter a canvas that I’ll be taken on this same journey.

The Shift: Sailboats at Sea 30×40 mixed media


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