Onward Chakras


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Onward -Chakra Healing 30×40 oil on canvas

Imagine what it would be like if there were no memories in your mind and no thoughts into your future.


Do you let your light burn strong and bright or do you let it burn out in a world that tries to silence your light? 

In this creative journey of chakra healing, I broke out my oil paints and linseed oil… which in itself is a visceral experience, especially when I paint with my hands. The smell and feel of oil paint are luxurious.

The work I wanted to do on this canvas needed this type of tactile application, and I applied it in a meditative and healing way, like massage oils.

My intention was to answer a call, to check in to what my mission is and what my message is as an artist. To thrive. To shine. To heal. To expand.

To hear and see me creating this piece please watch my short video and if you love it, subscribe to my Youtube channel to see even more work.