To Be Real – 48x36x1.5 mixed media on canvas


Here’s the thing, with everything I do, the intention is that it is uplifting for me and the viewer.- Caroline

 I’d like to pull back the curtains of my project that I began 2 years ago called, 50 Layers of Being 50. Today as I write this I’m on Layer 38 of 50.

This will mostly be a visual journey on your part. You’ll hear a few of my insights… but why take the mystery away. I want you to build your own interpretation of the journey. 

And I will leave you with this much… I started my project in my studio and then on my 50th birthday, I allowed my yoga community to add their energy to it. Since that day, I add layers to it when I feel compelled. I call it finished every so often, give it a name, and simply love looking at it. Then suddenly I get a flash in my mind of something that wants to be seen. 

There are parts and pieces that always show through from the original beginning… see if you can catch those.

It is the most delightful thing that ever happens to me when I see something magnificent appear on my canvas that wasn’t there before. – Caroline

Every time I make a piece of art I am trusting. I’ve gotten really good at it. I’ve gotten really good at that act of trust. But when someone first sits down to make a painting, you can feel them getting all clingy and they want it to be great and it should look this way. You know their brain is way too into it. Their control is way too on it. As an artist, as somebody who does this, when I step up to the blank canvas, I’m doing something that some people feel is almost impossible. Which is just letting go into the process. Which is what I’m now practicing in life.


 I often paint with my eyes mostly closed when I’m figuring out a composition. I find that I see things that I would not see if my eyes were open. It’s really quite amazing and I can see the direction that the sails of sailboats are going or the way that a sunflower petal turns in the wind. – Caroline