Anini Vista – Kaua’i


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As an expressionistic painter, I focus on nature and scenes in the world that people find interesting and beautiful. My style is unique, bold and dynamic, due to my color palette and use of brushwork. I feel incredibly free when I paint.  Connection, beauty, serenity and openness are what are important to me.  I create brilliant artwork that tells a story and emotes feelings.

When I journey through the world I notice natural beauty around me. I notice the way that color and light communicate with one another, painting light that touches the heart enough to make one gasp. I find water to be quite captivating and when I paint it there’s a certain magical energy that is created with my brushstrokes and colors. The artwork conveys an essence of fascination. 

Anini Vista – Kaua’i (40×30 acrylic) is a touchstone to all that and I painted it during an excursion to the ocean. The region’s flavor influences everything about my work here on the garden island.

The island is quite lush due to the rain showers that happen daily and is what makes the colors so vivid. The painting tells the story of what it would be like to have a home overlooking the ocean. It happens to be a soulscape… me painting my dreams and desires.