delight – A View of Safety Harbor 40x30x1.5


A painting of Tampa Bay from the Safety Harbor side. If you’ve been on North Bayshore, you are sure to recognize this view. The colors change throughout the day as well as throughout the year.

If you look up close you can see a layer of sparkly discs in the sky. These are to emphasize the light in the sky and the DeLight of being by the water. The scene could be any one of the beautiful docks that you would see walking along the beautiful Tampa Bay. Whether it is the pale moonlight just before dawn, the red of the sunrise, the white light of the day, or the crimson-orange of the sunset, the light is always stunning over the glittering water of the Bay.

A fun fact is that this painting glows under a black light. It’s quite amazing!

It could actually be any bay anywhere.

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