Wide Awake 30×40 Mixed Media on canvas


My romantic expressionism is a deep reflection of my inner work – honoring awareness, resilience, and the shifting currents. I work as a mixed media painter in Safety Harbor, Florida, just outside of Tampa. The oeuvre takes the form of sailboats on abstract waters on large-scale canvas. My inspiration derives from a deep connection to the organic flow in nature, traveling, and inner reflection. My work is acrylic-based and shifts through waves of abstract waters honoring movement.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Florida State University and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Colorado. Originally an oil painter, I shifted gears to acrylic later in life where I infused my multifaceted skill set to paint oceanic views with sailboats. My art challenges how people see the intricacies of movement and connect to the deeper meaning of one’s personal odyssey.

The mise en scène within my body of work transcribes as Plein Air expressionistic painting. My medium is mixed media – acrylic paint on a large-scale canvas with a five-step process using black tissue paper and pastels. My artwork is an ongoing practice of resilience. Each creation becomes a product of the inner work I practice through yoga, meditation. My art comes to life through an open-minded curiosity. The work I create is a reflection of the ongoing practice of allowing, accepting and trusting the process.